New Delhi: The union finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, Saturday announced a slew of reforms in sectors like coal, mining, civil aviation, defence production, power distribution, space research and atomic energy.

Sitharaman along with her minister of state Anurag Thakur, while giving the details of Rs 20 lakh crore economic package announced by prime minister Narendra Modi, spell out the investments that are going to take place in the seven key sectors as part her fourth trache of announcement.

Coal: 1.Rs 50,000 crore to build coal evacuation infrastructure.

2. Auction of coal blocks for commercial production on revenue sharing basis instead of per tonne levy.

3. Promotion of coal-to-gas projects and coal methane bed development

4. Award for partially surveyed coal reserve areas

5. Surplus coal blocks of Coal India Ltd. to be offered to private players

Mineral: 1. Seamless exploration- cum- mining- cum -production regime to be put in place.

2. About 500 mining blocks to be offered on bidding routes under seamless regime

3.Joint auction of bauxite mines and coal mines to encourage value addition to alumina in India.

4. Do away with captive and non-captive concept in mining sector

Defence Production: 1. Import substitute for a list of defence weapons and platforms

2. Indigenization of defence spare parts

3. Corporatisation of defence ordinance factories

4.Time bound defence procurement

5. FDI limit enhanced to 74% from 49%

Civil Aviation: 1. Auction of 6 airports under PPP

2. In two phases 12 world class airports to come up with Rs 13000 cross.

3. Optimum utilisation of air space to reduce travel distance, save time and fuel, and make air travel cheaper. Centre to release air space for commercial flights.

4. MRO Hubs( aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul) to be promoted with Rs 800 to 3000 crore.

Discoms in UT: 1. Power distribution in Union Territories would be privatised

Space Research: 1. Private players to be allowed to share facilities of government run space research centres like ISRO for their space exploration and planetary explorations.

2 Private players will have geo critical data

Atomic Energy: 1. Private players will be engaged in PPP mode for use of atomic research reactors for medical isotopes production and food preservation technology

Social Infra: Social infrastructure projects will be developed with a viability gap funding of Rs 8100 crors. The State and the Centre would share the VGF cost at 50:50 basis.