Bhubaneswar: Odisha’s political ethos overwhelmed the governor Ganeshi Lal.

“Politics have never crossed the line of decency in Odisha”, said Lal, in an editorial page article in leading Odia daily, Samaj.

He has praised the politicians and political parties of the State in the article published under the title “Two years in Odisha” on Sunday.

” I was a witness to the 2019 elections in the State. Witnessing election war was not new to me. But, Odisha election scenario was new to me”.

“Politics never oversteps decency here”, the governor has observed with reference to the general elections.

” What impressed me is the personal relationship and love for each other among the politicians in despite the ideological differences and disagreement on party line,” said Lal while adding , “I believe this is because of large number of gentle, polished and educated people joining politics in Odisha in comparison to other States.

In the article the governor has whipped up the sentiment of Odisha people who were demanding Bharat Ratna for Biju Patnaik, Harekrushna Mahatab and other leaders.

Describing Odisha as a “Bharat Ratna Khani” (Mines of Bharat Ratna), Lal has remembered the leaders like Madhusudan Das, Gopabandhu Dash, Biju Patnaik and HK Mahatab. He has lamented that the history has neglected the great leaders of the State.