Bhubansswar: Pushpa Muduli and Adyasha Patra, students of SOS Children’s Villages from Bhubaneswar have done the city proud by scoring 87.2% and 84% respectively in the CBSE Class XII examination in commerce stream.

Meanwhile, Geeta Kumari, student of SOS Children’s Villages from Rourkela has secured 73.4% in class XII exam in commerce stream.

Congratulating Pushpa, Adyasha and Geeta on their achievement, secretary general of SOS Children’s Villages of India, Sudarshan Suchi said, “It feels really good to see our children do well. We are proud of Pushpa and Adyasha for securing more than 80% in their Class XII examination. While they surely must be patted for all the hard work they have put in, I also want to acknowledge the tireless efforts their SOS mothers put in; they as much burn the mid-night oil, as their children do. I would like to congratulate all the other children too for their successes. It is our earnest wish that they continue to fly high, and most importantly, wish that all children receive the care of a loving mother, so they reach to heights. All the best children.”

Four other students of SOS Children’s Villages, Bhubaneswar and 3 other students from SOS Children’s Villages, Rourkela have secured more than 70% and have passed class XII boards with flying colours.

Pushpa and Adyasha both are very talented girls of SOS Children’s Villages. In the year 2019, Pushpa has been awarded with first prize in state level Hausala competition organized by State women and child development department.