Bhubaneswar: Odisha chief minister’s secretary (5T) Saturday visited Ekamra Khetra in Bhubaneswar and reviewed the progress of the beautification and modernisation programme for the Lingaraj temple.

The chief minister had earlier directed to complete a good portion of Ekambra Kshetra work before Mahashivaratri so that devotees in large numbers can get a serne experience of viewing the mahadeep.

To review the progress of work, 5T secretary VK Pandian visited the Lingaraj area in the early hours today. Made on the spot review of the progress of the project.

He directed the officials to expedite the work and set the target of November end for competition of land acquisition . It is learnt from the review that 80% land acquisition has been already completed . Secreatary to CM appreciated the officials for speedy work inspite of covid situation.

Widening of all access roads should get final touch before Mahashivaratri ,and he also directed to complete the new alternate roads also for convenience of devotees. The development of alternate roads will help in pedestrianized pathway around Bindu Sargar. Access to the temple would be through e vehicles so that vehicular pollution and smoke are kept away from the main temple. This will help both pilgrims as well protection of the monuments from pollution and smoke.

The new road from lingaraj market to Taleswar chhak ,connecting road from new lingaraj market to Bindusaar . Development of eastern plaza infront of the temple and northern plaza at northern gate bus parking near Brajabandhu Kalyan Mandap development of Badheibanka.

Drainage all surrounding temples including Lingaraj are the focus areas of the review .

Land of Gopaltirtha mutt and Shankranda mutt has already been acquired and after acquisition of remaining buildings and land ,devotees will have a clear view of Bindusagar from the Northern gate of Lingaraj .The open space will give the devotee a divine experience of being able to see the temple and Bindu Sagar together.

Eco friendly waste disposal methods will be implemented to make the premises clean.

Among other things pilgrims facilities and amenities were also discussed as well.

Mahashivaratri being the main festival of Lingaraj Mahaprabhu, officials were instructed to keep that as a target date for completion of many components of the overall plan for benefit of lakhs of devotees visiting during that time.

Works secretary Krishna Kumar, BMC commisoner Prem Chand Choudhry and other officials were present during the field visit cum review.