Bhubaneswar: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik in his Budget reaction has said,Odisha would be hit by drastic reduction of share in central taxes by about Rs10,840 crores for the current year and as per the recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission the horizontal share will decrease from 4.629 percent to 4.528 percent for coming 5 years. “This will seriously impact the State”, he added.

Patnaik said, further capital investments very much required in Odisha both in railways and highways sectors as it has been planned for other states. The CM said, there is a need to increase allocation in social assistance programmes and quantum of transfers for local bodies.
Centralization of revenue by introduction of cess in petrol and diesel will weaken the centre state fiscal balance.
According to him banks have to be made accountable to extend credit to women, farmers and MSMEs.

Stating that this is the first budget in Post COVID Scenario and there are lot of new challenges which this budget is expected to address, he said there are some of the positive points:
 Focus on capital investment to push growth
 Reintroduction of developmental financial institution
 Allocation for COVID vaccine
 Industry and sector specific interventions offer hope if matched with allocation
 Bold decision to expand fiscal deficit to provide growth impetus.
 A medium and long term vision for ‘Self reliant India’.

” I am happy to note that union budget has turned Green with digital budget like what Odisha has been following from last year.”

“I am also delighted to see Mission Shakti appear in union budget focusing on women empowerment. After Odisha’s Mamata scheme was adopted by union Government from 2011-2012, replication of our states flagship women empowerment initiative Mission Shakti clearly shows that Odisha sets bench mark for the nation. I am hopeful that after Mamata and Mission Sakti the next logical step towards women empowerment would be reservation for women in Lok Sabha and the State Assemblies. We will continue to fight for this.”