Bhadrak: These Electric two wheelers operated by Chartered Bikes can be accessed by delivery partners of all e-commerce, food aggregator & delivery platforms. This solution is unique, where even delivery partner’s without a valid driving license can operate the e-bikes which are restricted to a speed of 25 km per hour.

Currently 50 such e-bikes have been launched in the eastern suburb of Powai.

Located near Torino Tower in Hiranandani gardens, the residents of the area can now expect receiving emission free deliveries.

Mumbaikars can expect to witness a green revolution with Chartered’s E- Bikes powered by Adani Electricity. Together the Companies are committed to scaling up this sustainable solution and painting the city green.

Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited spokesperson said, “Adani Electricity is committed to establishing infrastructure for electric mobility in Mumbai and supporting Chartered Bikes in its journey to provide a sustainable mobility solution to Mumbaikars, thereby achieving a significant reduction in greenhouse gases (GHG) emission.”

Chartered Bikes spokesperson said, Sanyam Gandhi Director Chartered Speed limited

“This partnership between Chartered Bike and Adani Electricity is exactly the kind of problem solving collaboration required by Indian companies. Adani Electricity is supporting in providing space and Green power supply and we are capitalizing on using that to help delivery partners save between Rs 150-200 per day with an all-electric fleet.

A win-win-win situation for Delivery partners, mobility providers and power distribution companies, and a model that can be replicated in all Indian Smart Cities sustainably! Chartered Speed Limited is trying to solve Mobility-as-a-service (MAAS) for the entire country and Last Mile Deliveries is another piece in that puzzle.”