Bhubaneswar/ Baripada : Odisha Millet Mission is organising a series of entertaining events in the top 20 cities of Odisha to raise awareness about millets. The first in the series, a 2 days event was inaugurated on June 10 at the Bazzar India Mall, near Baleshwar Golie, Baripada. The local agricultural department and many shoppers are expected to be present this program. Odisha Millet Mission is a flagship programme under the state government of Odisha, has been taking various innovative and exciting approaches to promote the Farm-to-Plate movement in the State.

From collaborating with local chefs to teach housewives and home chefs new recipes to now hosting a charming interactive show, these recent initiatives by OMM are sure to leave an impact. The broad idea behind this event is to keep infusing the key message in the audience’s minds, that is to accept millet into their daily dietary habits all while keeping the crowd engaged and entertained.

The event starts off with the Anchors introducing OMM and the purpose of the day’s show to the audience, followed by some local harmonies to attract the crowd. It then proceeds to discuss the vastly accepted unhealthy eating habits, portrayed through a hilarious comedy skit. To make sure the message is received by the audience, a screening of an educational film conveying the nutritional value of millet has also been planned.

To keep the excitement levels soaring, the Odisha Millet Mission plans to have a bunch of quirky and competitive games. Participants are sure to be on the edge of their seats. The winners of these thrilling contests get an opportunity to win exciting surprises and gift hampers that are sure to bring a sense of excitement.

Inviting residents of Baripada, OMM wishes them to understand and join hands in their efforts to support the local farmers and other millet entrepreneurs benefiting from their innovative schemes. Events on regional levels like these are more acceptable to the audience and can lead to a larger impact on the state’s