Bhubaneswar: Aditya Birla Public School, Bhubaneswar, observed Van Mahotsav, last week, marking a significant event to promote environmental conservation and raise awareness about the importance of trees and wildlife. The event witnessed a range of activities aimed at emphasizing the need for protecting forests and wildlife.
The programme commenced with the felicitation of the gardeners who tirelessly contribute to maintaining the school’s lush greenery. Their dedication and hard work were recognized and appreciated by the school administration. As a gesture of gratitude, saplings were distributed among the gardeners, encouraging them to continue their commendable efforts.
One of the highlights of the event was the participation of toddlers dressed as trees and various wildlife creatures. This creative depiction aimed to impart a powerful message about the significance of safeguarding forests and wildlife. The adorable attires captured everyone’s attention and effectively conveyed the message of environmental protection.
Principal L N Dash delivered a thought-provoking speech, expressing his gratitude towards Dr. S Ganguli, Advisor, Education,ABG for his unwavering support and guidance in organizing the event. He emphasized the responsibility that each student carries as a protector of the environment and urged them to actively contribute towards conserving nature.
The successful execution of the program was attributed to the efficient coordination of N Sahu, the administrative officer of the school and a group of teac