Bhubaneswar: Odisha government is proposing to pump in Rs 1w84.49 crore to address low voltage problems in rural areas. The State cabinet has passed a resolution to this effect on Monday.

Accordingly, the phase-V of ODSSP under Chief Minister’s Power Development Programme (CMPDP) has been formulated to address the low voltage issues in rural areas with a proposed outlay of Rs. 1284.49 crore to be utilized during FY 2023-24 & 2024-25. These projects shall be executed by the respective DISCOMs.

With a view to ensure quality and reliable power supply to the consumers, the sanctioned 473 nos. of 33/11 KV Primary substations and associated lines under phase-I to Ill of ODSSP with an approved outlay of Rs. 3843 crores. Most of the works under these phases have been completed. Subsequently, under phase-IV of ODSSP, 99 nos. of 33/11 kV sub-stations & 64 nos. of independent lines with an outlay ofRs. 1796.73 crore have taken up. At present, these projects are under execution.

The cabinet today noted that for voltage management in rural areas, there is a necessity to take up further system improvement works as such as up-gradation of Distribution Transformers, replacement of old/ damaged conductors, strengthening of existing 11 kV and 33 kV lines, construction of new 33 kV & I l kV lines, conversion of single phase LT network to 3 phase, installation of line voltage regulator transformers along with construction of new PSS in needy areas.