Berhampur: TP Southern Odisha Distribution Limited (TPSODL), is undertaking a crucial project to strengthen the feeder and network infrastructure in Gosaninuagaon in Berhampur city. The project aims to enhance the reliability and efficiency of power supply to the residents of the area.
As part of the project, TPSODL is creating an alternate line from Mango Market to Royal Pharmacy College, covering a distance of approximately 1.2 Kilometers. The construction involves the installation of 22 new poles along the route.
To improve power transmission, TPSODL is upgrading the conductor size from 80 SQ MM to 100 SQ MM. This enhancement will ensure better power delivery to the residents of Gosaninuagaon.
The project is expected to be completed by the 16th of July.
It was also seen that delayed monsoon had led to continuous and increased load of approximately 150 A (3 MW) on 11kV Gosaninuagaon feeder from NK Nagar PSS during peak hours. This led to overloading and tripping of the feeder causing disruption in power supply. TPSODL team immediately took load diversion to another lightly loaded 11kV HIG feeder which involves installation of new interconnecting 11kV line of 1.2 CKm.
These new steps taken by the company will divert the existing load on the line, resulting in reduced power interruptions and improved reliability.
TPSODL is dedicated to enhancing the electricity infrastructure and providing seamless power supply to the residents of Gosaninuagaon, Berhampur City.