Ranchi: NTPC Coal Mining HQ ladies club Swayamsiddha organised Navratri Dandiya celebration  for the members.

The event took off with welcoming of Rekha Jain, president, SLC and lighting of lamps in the presence of senior committee members, committee members and members.Later members participated in the traditional puja and prayers to Goddess Durga.

On the occasion, Rekha Jain wished prosperity to all members for the upcoming Puja festivals, which was followed by the Dandiya night dance program. She in her address spoke that one alone can’t do, it is always the group effort that brings success.  She also seeked advice from members to come up with new ideas, suggestions and new initiatives to strengthen the activities of the ladies club and the benefit of society.

The members were seen in their traditional colourful attire, enjoyed the festive mood and played group dandiya dance. To make the event a special distribution of competition prizes of Toran making competition and games were organised. Sanchita Konar , Lakshmi Murthy, Purnima Shrikhande , Mansa Verma, Deepa & Parameswari  and members were also present.