New Delhi: The Centre has released over Rs 1.80 lakh core to Odisha as part of tax devolution to the State during the last three fiscal years. Stating that the devolution has increased over the years the union minister of state for finance, Pankaj Chaudhary, told the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that in FY 2020-2!, 2021-22 and 2022-23 Rs 27,542 crore, Rs 38,144 crore and Rs 42,989 crore have been released to Odisha under the head.

The minister has stated in a written reply laid that:

(a): The Union Government provides resources to States including the State of Odisha through Ministries/Departments under the heads tax devolution, grants-in-aid and loans and advances. The details of tax devolution, grants-in-aid and loans released to the State Government of Odisha during financial years 2020-21 to 2022-23 are provided in the following Table:

(Rs. in crore)
Sl. No. -Items -2020-21 -2021-22 -2022-23
1 Tax Devolution Rs 27,542.67 – Rs 38,144.79 -Rs 42,989.33
2 Grants-in-aid -Rs 23,068.35 -Rs19,909.92 -Rs27,010.67(RE)
Of which:
2(a) Finance Commission Transfers -Rs5,449.00 -Rs5,056.77 -Rs 4,220.80
3 Loan for Externally Aided Projects (EAPs) -Rs833.87 -Rs658.89 -Rs943.50
4 Special Assistance (Loan) to States for Capital Expenditure/ Investment -Rs471.50 -Rs517.12 -Rs75.00.

The department of expenditure, ministry of finance releases Finance Commission recommended grants-in-aid to States including the State of Odisha on the recommendations of the nodal ministry concernedsubject to fulfillment of stipulated conditions associated with each component of the recommended grants-in-aid. Presently, no recommendation from any nodal department/ministry regarding release of the 15th Finance Commission recommended grants-in-aid or Additional Central Assistance (ACA) for Externally Aided Projects(EAPs) is pending with the Department of Expenditure.