Berhampur : The enforcement team of TPSODL (Tata Power Southern Odisha Distribution Limited) has initiated a robust campaign against power theft. In recent investigations within the Chhatarpur division, 15-20 cases of meter tampering have been identified.

Consumers were found employing various methods such as remote circuit manipulation and the use of magnets to tamper with the meters, leading to power theft. TPSODL’s enforcement team is vigorously tracking all forms of power theft, including direct theft, meter tampering, meter bypass, and parallel hooking.

The enforcement team possesses both the expertise and equipment to detect any attempts of power theft. TPSODL strongly advises not to engage in such illegal activities. Any individual caught practicing power theft may face penalties.

Under section 135 of the Indian Electricity Act, 2003, individuals involved in power theft can be subjected to penalties, including imprisonment for up to three years, fines, or both. Repeat offenders may also be debarred from electricity supply.

TPSODL appeals to consumers to disengage themselves from participating in any form of power theft and to encourage responsible use of electricity.