Bhubaneswar:Paradip Port in Odisha has joined the ‘Exclusive Club of Ports’ of 100 million tonnes with a record cargo handling of 100.12  million tonnes in 2017-18.

Paradip Port chairman Rinkesh Roy said that the growth saga is a part of conscious strategy under the Sagarmala Programme. The  Port has clocked remarkable 50% growth within last 5 years, as the cargo through put stood at 68 million tonnes in FY 2013-14, he said and called upon all the stakeholders to wholeheartedly contribute for realizing the mission of No. 1 Port in India in terms of cargo handling in the FY 2018-19. 

  • The largest port in the country in terms of rated capacity @ 277 MTPA.
  • The largest Dry Bulk handling port.
  • The largest Coal handling port.
  • The largest Coastal cargo handling port.
  • The second largest port in terms of Traffic handled @ 100 MTPA in 2017-18.
  • The highest OSBD (Output per Ship Berth Day) i.e the most efficient.
  • Mechanized coal handling plant has shown improvement in efficiency from 33000 TPD to 56000 TPD and 1300 TPH to 2400 TPH in the last 3 years.
  • Having lowest marine charges.The largest Railway Terminal in the Country in terms of rakes handled.

Paradip Port Trust achieved all time traffic throughput of 100 million tones during the year 2017-18 (up to 25.03.2018), as against the previous year’s traffic of 88.95 million tonnes exhibiting a growth of 15%.


During the year, the port performance parameter viz. Berth-day out-put improved to 24814 MT with 4.58% growth and the Berth Occupancy is 72% as against 67% of the previous year and handled13.55% more cargo to lead the port at par with international standard.



  • A record quantity of 100.12 MMT of cargo handled during this Financial year (up to 25.03.2018) surpassing the previous year record of 88.95 MMT.
  • A record quantity of 10.18 MMT of cargo handled during the month of January-2018 surpassing the previous record of 9.42 MMT handled during month of December-2017.
  • The output of ship berth-day of 24814 MT has been achieved as against 23727 MT for the corresponding period of previous Year & exhibiting a growth of 4.58%.
  • Successful docking of MV Urja & MV Mineral Honshu, the Cape Size Vessels with 1,00,000 MT & 1,17,983 MT Steam Coal at the Central Quay CQ-1 on 05/11/2017 & 24/11/2017 respectively.
  • A record quantity of 5,12,467 MT of cargo handled in a single day on 25/11/2017 surpassing the previous record of 4,64,500 MT handled on 29/04/2016.
  • All time record loading of 1,24,000 MT of Thermal Coal to MV C K Bluebell & MV Vega Aquarius at MCHP on 08/01/2018 in 24 hrs has been achieved surpassing the previous record of 1,20,600 MT on 15/01/2016.
  • Alltime record loading of 76,208 MT of Thermal Coal has been achieved in MCHP on 13/11/2017 in 16:15 hrs with loading rate of 4690 TPH (112553 TPD) and vessel TRT of 26.28 hrs (1.1 days).
  • Successful movement of 24 vessels within 24 Hrs. on 03.12.2017. (9 vessels in 1st Shift, 7 vessels 2nd Shift & 8 vessels in 3rd Shift) has been achieved.
  • Handling of vessels has been improved from 140-145 per month to 175-180 per month.
  • Night Navigation of Vessels started at South Oil Jetty.
  • MCHP started handling of Iron Ore Pellet Vessels for first time in the Month of October 2017 and generated an additional revenue of Rs. 3.13 Crores towards handling of 574,080 MT of Iron Ore / Pellet Cargo.
  • Simultaneous handing of VLCC Vessels at SPMs.
  • Record quantity of 69,318 MT of Steam Coal discharged in a single day on 08/01/2018 from the cape size vessel MV Aquajoy, berthed at CQ-1 surpassing the previous record of 58,912 MT on 04/02/2017.
  • Taking Initiatives under Sagarmala to promote coastal shipping, finished Fertilizer (DAP) of about 50,192 tonnes has been shipped from Paradip to the southern part of hinterland in containers (922 TEUs) in about 10 vessels replacing the earlier mode of transport, either by rail or road.
  • For the first time in Odisha under Make in India Project, in the Dry Dock of Paradip Port  a very sophisticated Survey Vessel -MV Sarvekshak- indigenously built by Sadhav Offshore Engineering Com.  having LOA: 20.5m, Breadth: 5.5m, Depth: 2.5m, Draft: 1.35m, Speed: 13 knots & Engine: 2 x 400 BHP lunched on 10/02/2017 has been built indigenous by Sadhav Offshore Engineering Co. under Classification Society, which is the first of its kind in the State of Orissa.
  • RFID based Harbour Entry Permit (HEP) has been introduced at Paradip Port since 25/09/2016.



Name of Projects FY 14-15 FY 15-16 FY 16-17
# of Projects Enhancement of Draught in the existing Dock System •  South Oil Jetty.

•  3 Nos. of HMC.

•  4 Nos. of HMC.

•  Unlocking of capacities at CB-1 & CB-2

Capacity / Benefit derived Enables handling of Baby Cape size Vessels. •  10 MMTPA

•  3.75 MMTPA

•  5 MMTPA

•  7 MMTPA

Investment 50 Crores •  222.29 Crores

•  118.50 Crores

•  160 Crores

Total Capacity of 25MTPA added @ Rs. 560 Cr.



The Port has taken up a host of projects to increase the capacity from existing 277 MMTPA to 325 MMTPA by 2025.

Some of the ongoing projects and future projects are as follows:


  • Development of Multi-Purpose Berth to handle clean cargo including containers on BOT basis of 5 MTPA Capacity at an estimated cost ofRs. 430.78 Cr. and expected to be operational very soon.
  • Development of Deep Draught Coal Berth on BOT basis for handling Import Cargo of 10MTPA capacityat an estimated Cost: Rs. 655 Cr. is expected to be operational in March, 2021.
  • Development of Deep Draught Iron Ore Berth on BOT basis of 10 MTPA capacity at an estimated cost of Rs. 740 Cr. and expected to be operational in March,2019.
  • Mechanization of EQ 1, 2, 3 Berths at Paradip Port on BOT basis of 30 MTPA capacity at an estimated cost of Rs. 1438Cr. is expected to be operational in December-2020.
  • LPG Terminal at South Oil Jetty of 0.75 MTPA capacity at an estimated cost of Rs. 690 Cr. is also expected to be operational by December, 2019.

Roadmap for future:

  • Mechanization of CQ-1 & 2 (2 Berths) of 20 MTPA capacity at an estimated cost of Rs. 1103 Cr. to be initiated after commissioning of Development of New Coal Berth.
  • Optimization of inner Harbor and construction of western dock of 30 MTPA capacity at an estimated cost of Rs. 2000 Cr. will be awarded in October 2018.
  • As a part of capacity augmentation, under Sagarmala Programme of the Govt. of India an Outer Harbour is proposed to be developed at an estimated cost of Rs. 10000Cr. to handle large Cape-size vessels up to 2 lakh DWT up-to 22m draught and expected to be operational in 2021.

In addition to the above, Port has taken up different initiatives to develop the Port city to a Smart Industrial Port City at an estimated cost of Rs. 2770Cr.

Improvement in Operational Efficiency:

Efficiency FY 14-15 FY 15-16 FY 16-17 FY 17-18

(upto 25.03.2018)

Cargo Handled

(in MMT)

71.01 76.39 89.95 100.12
Berthday output

(in MT)

17,736 21,139 23,727 24,814
Turnaround Time


7.01 4.50 4.99 3.34
Pre-Berthing Delay (Days) 4.11 2.04 2.47 2.81
Productivity: Bulk-Mech (MT/Hr.) 1370 TPH

(32880 MT/day)

1685 TPH

(40440 MT/day)

2284 TPH

(54825 MT/day)


(51222 MT/day)