New Delhi: April 9, 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed at Chitradurg in Karnataka to address an election rally. It was when Modi was addressing the rally, a black trunk was unloaded from one of the PM’s helicopters and was transported into a private Innova car. And then the car disappear.

The Karntaka Congress is flaunting a video clip to substantiate its allegation “Suspicious black trunk in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s chopper”. The party’s spokesperosn Anand Sharma on Sunday has demanded a probe into the mysterious black trunk.

Sharma alleged, “There were three choppers escorting the prime minister’s helicopter. After landing, we saw, a black trunk was taken out and whisked away in a private car.”

Stating that the Karntaka Congress has filed a complaint with the Election Commission in this regard, Sharma said that the EC should inquire into the contents of the box.

” Is cash for votes being transported in PM’s chopper?” he asked and said this need to be probed.