Rourkela: The CEO of Rourkela Steel Plant(RSP), Dipak Chattaraj, Thursday commissioned the new Turbo Blower-6 of the plant’s Captive Power Plant-I.

With the commissioning of the new turbo blower, the productivity of the Blast Furnace No-1 (Parvati) will improve. The turbo blower has a capacity to supply 165000 normal cubic meter per hour of cold blast at a pressure of 3.6 kilogram per square centimetre. The cold blast is heated in the stoves and is used for reducing iron ore inside the Blast Furnace for producing hot metal. 

The project has been executed by Messers Danieli Corus in association with CPP-I and Projects department of RSP. Necessary assistance for the completion of the project was also provided by the engineers of BHEL. The entire job was coordinated by S.K.Rama, DGM Incharge, CPP-I .    The availability of the new turbo blower will help the plant in further improving its techno-economics and profitability. 

Raj Vir Singh, ED(P&A), Gautam Banerjee, ED (Works), and D K Mohapatra, ED (MM) were present on the occasion.