New Delhi: A few hours after prime minister Narendra Modi launched the auction process for coal block, former environment minister Jayram Ramesh has shot off a letter to the environment minister Prakash Javadekar raking up climate change concerns.

Jayram Ramesh, who is the chairman of Parliament Standing Committee on environment and climate change, has objected to the auction of coal mines in ecological fragile areas of the country. Stating ” I am writing to express by deep sense of shock at the manner in which coal blocks in areas of very rich biodiversity were put up for auction yesterday”, Jayram has reminded the minister about the ‘go’ and ‘no go’ classification for coal mining in 2009-10.

The Rajya Sabha member has stated that India has committed to fight global warming. However, the auction of coal blocks in very dense forest areas will spell ” triple disasters: first, the mining and transportation of coal will impose a very heavy environmental cost; second, the loss of very dense forest will mean loss of a valuable carbon sink; and third, public health will be even more severely affected adding to the crisis we are already facing.”

” I am aware that some politicly powerful power producers had eye on some of these coal blocks – the one dangerously near Tadoba”, the former minister pointed out adding, “Clearly, their influence is very evident in this decision to open up coal mining in such ecologically fragile and sensitive zones”

Jayram Ramsey has urged the union environment minister to cancel the auction of coal mines that are located in ‘no go’ areas of ecologically fragile and sensitive areas.