Bhubaneswar: Odisha government has legalised the online court fee payments with the State assembly passing the Court Fees (Odisha Amcndmcnt) Bill, 2020 on Thursday.

In view of the outbreak or Covid-19 pandcmic, the high court and subordinate courts of the State are having restricted functioning through video conferencing. Further, keeping in view the social distancing norms issued by the government from time to time, the high court has permitted electronic filing of cases. This has necessitated an electronic method for payment of court fees.

Since the Court Fees Act, 1870 provides for payment of court fees through physical stamps only, the said Act in its application to the State of Odisha required suitable amendment to provide for payment and refund of court fee through electronic mode (e-payment) in the event of filing of cases through electronic mode (e-filing) in addition to the prevailing system of payment of court fees through stamp.

Now, with amendment the litigants and other stakeholders will to have easy access to judicial process at all times including in the present crisis due to outbreak of Covid- 19 pandemic.