Bhubaneswar: The marketing association of XIMB hosted its flagship event Mercatiqué on 7th November 2020 with the theme “Essence of Marketing Innovation in the New Decade”.

“Professor Sandip Anand, the moderator for the conclave, shared his insights about the committee, innovation, and marketing history and evolution. He laid a foundation for the discussions that followed, revolving around the essence of marketing innovations.

The first speaker was Amit Sethiya, CMO, Syska Group. He threw some light on the varioustechnological immersions at play in the market today and the importance of marketing basics.

The second speaker was Mohan Menon, VP, and Head of Marketing, Max Healthcare. He spoke about the behavioral changes in consumers’ shopping and spending and how love for local has been significantly magnified, and how the culture, dynamics, and logistics of how we live our lives has alsoaltered considerably.

The third speaker was Gauruv Phull, Head of Marketing, CEAT Specialty. He talked about leveraging existing technologies to reach out to the target audience and meet their demands, among other things.

The fourth speaker was Sai Narayan, CMO, He focused on the need for innovation to resolve consumer pain points and build a seamlessly integrated marketing strategy involving different channels. He also highlighted the importance of measuring consumer data to maximize customer insights and business performance.

The speakers then answered the students’ questions, following which the MAXIM magazine- Maxedge was launched. The conclave concluded with a vote of thanks given by the student coordinator of MAXIM, Ashish Routray.

Finomics 2020 – LIQUIDITY: THE PLASMA FOR AN AILING ECONOMYX-Fin: The Finance Association of XIMB hosted its flagship conclave Finomics on 8th November 2020 with the theme “LIQUIDITY: THE PLASMA FOR AN AILING ECONOMY.”Professor Subha Kant Padhi, Moderator for the conclave, began the talk by laying foundations aboutramifications of the pandemic on the economy, government & RBI’s financial policies, sector-wiseanalyses, and the future of financing in the country. The first speaker was Mr. Rohit Anand, Chief Business Officer, and Founding Team Member, He stressed the importance of working capital and how people are trying to find new ways to raise cash; he further explained that due to the market opening up and pent up demand being healthy, there have been disturbances in crores of quantity over the last six monthsThe second speaker was Dr. Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group Chief Economic Adviser, SBI. He walkedus through the various areas that need to be worked on to cope with the current crisis and the fiscalmeasures that could revive the economy.The third speaker was Ajay Bhatia, VP, Head of Credit & Compliance, Cholamandalam Investment, and Finance Company Limited. He discussed the pandemic’s impact on the GDP, employment, demand, supply, liquidity, and growth and also enlightened students about the uncertainties the current pandemic has brought forward, such as sources for funding for expansion anddevelopment of businesses and industries, finally touching upon the big role technology has played in