Rourkela: Rourkela Steel Plant has been conferred with Grow Care India “Gold Award” – 2020 for Environment Protection, which will be presented in the 4th Annual “Grow Care India Excellence Awards 2020” to be held in Chandigarh in December, 2020.  This prestigious award was instituted in the year 2016 by a group of highly acclaimed group of professionals in the field of Environment, Safety and Occupational Health.

               It is worth mentioning here that RSP progressively adopts state of the art energy efficient steel making technologies for Environment Protection. RSP is the first Indian Steel Plant to adopt the energy efficient and environment friendly LD technology of steel making in early 60’s even though the LD technology was at the developmental stage at that time. During the last six decades, RSP modernised and expanded its facilities and the production capacity has increased to 4.5 MTPA Hot Metal.  While taking up the modernisation and expansion activities, RSP acquired the latest environmental friendly steel making technologies available in the world.

For ensuring compliance and protection of Environment RSP established a full-fledged Environmental Engineering Department along with an Environment Laboratory and adopted a full-fledged monitoring and control mechanism for assessing the Air quality and Water quality.  RSP also installed online monitoring systems for continuous monitoring of different air pollutants and water pollution. These monitoring stations are uplinked with the servers of State Pollution Control Board, Govt. of Odisha and Central Pollution Control Board, Govt. of India.  The monitoring results are regularly analyzed and preventive actions are taken to minimize environmental pollution.

In addition to the above, RSP has also implemented various green projects for Environment Protection namely, Installation and commissioning of 1 MW Solar Power Plant inside Plant, Installation and commissioning of 40 KLD Solar Water Heating  Systems in Ispat General Hospital, LED lighting system in place of traditional lighting system in Township and inside steel plant, utilisation of waste plastics collected through municipal solid wastes and their gainful utilization in road making. RSP has also created a massive carbon sink of 2168.28 Hectares out of total RSP area of 6527.48 Hectares, by planting more than 50 lakh trees.