Bagchi and I & PR Secy Sanjay Singh

Bhubaneswar: Odisha government Tuesday decided to pool the MLALAD fund to create infrastructures relating to activities to counter COVID-19.

“Government of Odisha has directed that provision of required man power for different activities to counter COVID-19, procurement of materials for temporary health camps, provision for infrastructure including toilets for the temporary health camps, hiring of ambulances and other vehicles for transportation of patients, provision of food, drinking water, clinic, watch and ward etc. and provision of similar facilities/requirements for isolation center are to be added in the admissible project list of rules and procedure for sanction of MLA LAD funds 1997,” said Subrato Bagchi, chief spokesperson of Odisha goverment on COVID-19.

Briefing the press about steps taken by government of Odisha in light of prevention of COVID-19, Bagchi said the State government has given orders that employees who feel unwell due to symptoms of Novel Corona Virus should leave workplace and avail home quarantine for a period of 14 days.
“It has been decided to grant commuted leave without production of medical certificate to those officials who are above 50 years of age and have underlying conditions like diabetes , respiratory problems, renal disease, heart disease and other life threatening illness for a period up to 4th April, so as to avoid unnecessary burden on the health care system.”

Giving the COVID-19 health report, Bagchi said as on 12 noon on Tuesday 110 samples were sent for COVID-19 examination and reports of all the samples have been obtained. No new positive case found. Thus positive case stands at 2. Health of 2 identified patients is asymptomatic and stable. They are taking normal diet supplied by respective hospitals.
It has is reported that 57 persons had come in contact with the COVID-19 patient. Communication has been made with 54 persons while effort is on to communicate with rest 3 persons. Nine 9 monitoring teams are working for the purpose.
A total of 3861 persons have been registered through 104 Helpline and portal while 45 persons are in Hospital Isolation.

Meanwhile, the Odisha government has brought the entire State under lockdown.