Cuttack: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik Saturday said forensic medicine plays a key role in imparting criminal justice. He addressing the Annual National Conference of Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine:2021, held here at SCB Medical College.

Inaugurating the Annual National Conference of the Indian Academy of Forensic Medicine, 2021 through vertual platform from Bhubaneswar, Patnaik said, ” I am sure that the scientific deliberations on issues in Forensic Medicine will throw new lights on emerging techniques, advanced knowledge and newer tools. It will go a long way in enriching your knowledge in the field.”

“The forensic interpretation of an event, involving human body, and mind, is a vital component of criminal justice system. Legal proceedings require evidence to find out the real perpretators of crime. Here, forensic science comes handy in providing concrete evidence. Therefore, sophisticated knowledge in forensic science is crucial to dispensation of justice.

The chief minister whished that the delegates, both offline and online, will have an exciting and intellectually stimulating discussion during the conference.